There are many things you can do to protect your family and legacy; However, many people set up their life plan and forget to update it as their life continues to change and grow. See below for a few pointers from our office.

When to Update your Documents


Have you verified the beneficiaries on all your accounts? Your IRA, life insurance, retirement plans, and other important decisions you’ve made to protect your family need to be updated to be sure that those you love are protected.

Status Changes

Have you or your family members been through a divorce? Be sure to run through your documents to be sure that you have updated your account information (usernames and passwords, account numbers and representatives) to benefit those that matter most to you.


Have you created a plan for your furry friends if something were to happen to you? Most people assume that someone they love will take care of their pets, but can your children give your pets the attention they deserve and the life they need? Unfortunately, pets tend to grieve like we do and they may not be happiest in a home that wasn’t expecting them. Take the right steps to create a Pet Trust to protect your pets and loved ones.

Businesses and Property

Do you have the appropriate Trust and Buy-Sell Agreements in place to protect your hard work? Does your plan protect your legacy? Some agreements only plan for the immediate changes that come with tragedy, they do not always protect the legacy of the company long-term. Be sure what you’ve built is protected for generations to come!

Children and Grandchildren

Have you updated your will for every new child or grandchild? Life can happen so fast in the best and worst ways. This is why we recommend that you review your documents regularly to be sure that all those you love are protected.


Be sure to have a Medical Directive in place. Tragedy and injury don’t reserve themselves for the elderly. Be sure that your wants and needs are protected in situations where you may not be able to give your input.

In the end, estate planning is about the legacy you are leaving behind for those that you love. Are you setting the stage for conflict, confusion, and pain or have you put a plan in place that will let them focus on that legacy and moving forward to carry it on?

Contact us if you would like more information regarding protecting your legacy!