Our associate attorney, Nancy Ferraro joined Joy Ruffen for her Web-based TV Show on May 9th at 7pm. The show is called Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies and Nancy will discuss how the law can empower women. The show can be seen anytime after this date by clicking the link below.

Joy is an image consultant, motivational speaker, and life coach. Her show focuses on creating positive impact and supporting young girls and women in the discovery of their self-worth, value, and purpose. Joy met Nancy at the Women’s Power Lunch held in Stuart monthly where they discovered they had similar passions for guiding, helping and empowering women to discover and live up to their full potential.

Nancy handles Estate Planning needs and this show will give anyone great insight into her legal mind and love for empowering women. We hope you enjoy!


Welcome, our guest tonight, “Nancy Ferraro, an Attorney. Nancy has much to share with us about how we can regain our feminine power. She founded the group Women Empowered Martin/Palm Beach County. Nancy's passion for creating change is what inspired her to become a lawyer. Join us today and every Wednesday, at 7 pm EST time. You are in for a treat don't miss it. Can't wait to see you and invite your friends.See you there can't wait to connect see you inside.Cheers!!!

Posted by Joy Ruffen on Wednesday, May 9, 2018