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We help you get through an emotional time and guide you to the life you desire.

At The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker we understand the sensitivity and concerns that clients have with regards to family law issues. Family law issues are often personal and emotional. While our firm provides aggressive representation, we also practice compassion, and work towards the positive long-term goals of our clients. Whether you need help with a divorce, child custody / support matter, or any other family law issue we are here to assist you.



Our office handles all types of divorce from a Simple Dissolution of Marriage to complex divorces. We have a lot of experience handling businesses, children, child support, tangible and intangible assets, equitable distribution, alimony, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and temporary relief. We diligently and effectively represent our clients at mediations, hearings, and trials. Our office works diligently on behalf of its divorce clients to ensure that the client receives the benefits and rights that he or she deserves.


Parenting Plans

In a case where how much time a child spends with each parent is an issue, Florida law requires a document called a “parenting plan”.  This is a form which is filled in setting out the times that the child spends with each parent. It includes holidays, school vacations, etc. It can also, for parents who live far apart, an agreed upon meeting spot for exchanges, and who pays for travel.


Parental Responsibility

Even if your child does not live with you full time, Florida law respects your rights as a parent in the concept of “parental responsibility”, which means that both parents are expected to consult with each other on child rearing decisions. Examples of this include such things as medical care, choice of schooling, religious training, etc. Judges normally start with a presumption of what is called “shared parental responsibility”, which is an equal voice for each parent. “Sole parental responsibility” is possible under the law, but requires an agreement between the parents, or a showing to the judge that such is in the child’s best interest.



In Florida, either the husband or the wife can ask for alimony. There are several different types, depending on the intended purpose: to help a party maintain a lifestyle, to help with education or expenses, or to help with a temporary situation. Alimony can be deemed waived if not asked for at the beginning of the case.


Equitable Distribution

Florida law recognizes marital assets (things of value) and liabilities (debts that the parties owe).  The doctrine of equitable distribution requires the court to equitably (fairly) assign these debts and assets between the parties.


Child Support

Judges are required under Florida law to make sure children are given support. It cannot be unilaterally waived by one or both parents. The number of overnights each parent has with a child, what each parent makes, and state guidelines are used in determining an amount of child support.



Both parents have an obligation to support their children, whether or not they are married. In a paternity case, a mother can establish a legal father for her child. Usually, the father either agrees or takes a DNA test. Once parenthood is established, support and timesharing (visitation) are determined as in all other Florida family law cases.



The laws surrounding adoption in Florida are complex and involve extremely different requirements depending on the type of adoption and the circumstances surrounding each situation. They can be extremely confusing, causing the process of adoption to become very stressful and overwhelming when it is supposed to be an exciting and joyful journey. It is important to obtain an experienced adoption attorney to help guide you through the process regardless of the type of adoption you are considering. The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker can provide you accurate and thorough information as to the various types of adoption, the best choice for you, and walk you through the adoption process.  We are committed to providing you with exceptional representation and support both in and out of the courtroom.

Our office offers free consultations to prospective clients, providing you with the opportunity to meet with our team and see how our office can serve your legal needs.

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