Business Law

Your business is not only your passion but your livelihood.  The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A. can help to ensure one of your greatest assets and future legacy is protected and set up appropriately.   Business Law refers to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce.  Having an attorney who is well versed in and understands these aspects is important to keeping your business running and continuing to grow.


Business Formation

Our firm can assist your new or growing business by determining which corporate structure fits your needs.  Each structure carries specific liability protection, tax consequences, and regulation requirements.  If your business is organized under the wrong corporate structure, then your ability to succeed is hindered before you begin operations (I don’t like phrase begin operations, I had writers block).  Just as critical as the corporate formation is the operating or partnership agreement needed if you have a partner.  Our office can draft these documents to ensure your interests in the joint enterprise are protected during the life of your business.


Business Litigation

The Law Offices of Travis R Walker represents businesses in disputes with other businesses and against persons, as well as actions brought by individual shareholders against other shareholders.  These disputes include contract disputes, insurance litigation, disagreements over goods and services, and license agreements.  Our firm also represents clients in federal court regarding intellectual property disputes including trade dress, copyrights, and intellectual property use issues.

Our office offers free consultations to prospective clients, providing you with the opportunity to meet with our team and see how our office can serve your legal needs.

Client Reviews

The Best Lawyer, Period!

Normally, dealing with attorneys is not a pleasant experience. Boy was my mind changed when I met Mr. Walker. His professionalism is unparalleled and his explanations are simple, broken down versions of what the legal syntax and diction are. I highly recommend Mr. Walker to anyone searching for an attorney. His firm works very expediently…

Kevin B.

Great lawyer

My case was regarding employment law. Travis Walker handled my case professionally and efficiently and effectively in a very short time. I am very grateful for a kind compassionate lawyer.


Wonderful Attorney

Mr. Walker was a God-send for enforcing my divorce judgement. Travis managed to accomplish in 2 months what another attorney failed to complete in 2 years. He and his team are insightful, professional, and proactive. I highly recommend Mr. Travis Walker, and wish I had found him prior to my divorce.


Professional, Quick response, Attention to Details

We required a commercial lease to be review with little no notice Travis and his team took the time to review each section of the lease and reword it to help protects our rights. (Not just the landlords) Travis was able to convince them to remove several sections of the lease that were unreasonable.


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